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Bird Abatement

We offer bird Abatement services. Pigeon problems or Sparrows let us assess the situation and keep birds from ruining your business! Whether commercial or residential, birds can make a large mess of things.

pigeon control

Pigeon Control

The most common bird is the pigeon that lives in nearly every city across the country. Because of their history, pigeons do not fear people and thus usually roost in buildings which create problems for homes and businesses.

bird abatement

Bird Abatement

Bird droppings and nesting are a major aesthetic challenge that creates health hazards as well. There are at least 40 known viruses along with 60 transmittable diseases found in bird droppings, which some can be fatal to humans. If that wasn’t bad enough, birds can also carry lice, fleas, mites and ticks.

Bird Abatement is the solution to your problem, call us now with any questions, we’re always ready to help.

bird netting

Bird Netting

Bird netting is an efficient and economical way to keep pest birds from reaching objects, opening, and structures. We at All Valley Roofing provide bird netting installation and hardware accessories.

bird spikes

Bird Spikes

Need to keep birds like pigeons from landing and roosting? Flat and curved surfaces provide a great roosting area for birds and the solution to keeping them away is by installing bird spikes. All Valley Roofing provides you with installation of bird spikes as well, so call us today

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